When to bend

From the longest day of the year (June 22) to July 15-20, bending of new branches below the horizontal can begin the slow process of changing the tenor of branches from maintaining a vigorous, vegetative state, to slowing growth down and changing the buds to becoming more fruitful.

I think most of us bend down limb but I never considered the best time to do it. Below is a link to the details.



I don’t think it is a good time to do it now, branches get too brittle in the winter. Spring would be best when growth start. Just make sure that the tip ends are a little higher than the center of the branch, otherwise you create water sprouts. Wait!!!

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I twist pear branches right before the new growth is about to turn from herbaceous
to woody so that they are horizontally growing instead of vertically growing.

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It is interesting to see when any why others bend limbs. Most of my bending has been focused on getting wide angles, early fruit bud formation, and limbs reaching the length desired. I have had some success but I know that there is more room for improvement. Bill

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Hmm, gotta try this next summer on several of my young trees that haven’t yet fruited. I tied one down to a stake in summer for a Rambour Franc, but it was so young no blooms have formed. I also did not subtend it below horizontal, thinking a greater than 45 degree angle would suffice.

Will try this, thanks for posting.

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