When to cut rubber bands on grafts

Is it too soon to cut rubber bands on apple grafts done in mid- April, zone 7?

Probably not, but I like to leave mine on as long as possible. They’ll rot off before doing any harm.

If you want you can gently remove one and see how things look, and if in doubt re-wrap it for a while.


It depends on the type of graft you have done. that graft have you used?

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This year I nailed my bark grafts so don’t have to worry about them. Others are mainly whip and tongue and cleft, with just one whip no tongue (splice?) graft that I realize is weaker than the rest.

untie these types of grafts past 3 months


It is windy here, so grafts always need to be supported, for 2 years. I usually remove the original bandaid in the fall about the time I harvest apples.

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