When to seed day-length sensitive greens, bok choi as days shorten

I always struggle with spring plantings of spinach, lettuce and bok choi because they tend to bolt as our days lengthen. We’re at 46.92°N and start to get long days fairly early.

Now the days are shortening and I’d like to get some seeds going. How do you find out what days are too long.

I suppose I’ll just start planting a foot or two every day or so and see what happens, but it’d be nice to know.


Oregon is 42 to 46 lattitude. Here is the UFSeeds planting calendar. I have grown swiss chard, spinach, turnips, and lettuce by planting about now. OSU Extension also has some info.

I’m in WA but often follow the OR advice. OR is not that far from here.

Edit- here is Urban Farmer calendar for WA too.

Thank you. I went out and turned soil a few minutes ago and will get started tomorrow. It’s been windy here and now it’s kind of hard to keep things watered, so I’m going to soak it tonight and plant in the am.

That chart is handy - I’ll see if there isn’t one for Montana, too. But the one you show will serve me well. Thanks!

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@Bear_with_me found it! Thanks for doing my research for me. :-)M

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