When to set out newly grafted apple?

When should I set out a newly grafted apple? Now, or should I wait until next spring? This would be for their final position—not an intermediate stop in the garden.

Situation: I had partial success with my experiment with the Zenport grafting tool; two apples have clearly 'taken" They are in 1 gallon pots. They have healthy little topknots, maybe a dozen leaves apiece, although they haven’t grown as much as I would like.

Should I go ahead and stick them in the ground, or should I wait? The only obvious downside I can see to planting now, would be in an intense freeze this winter. In an intense freeze, maybe the graft might freeze off if they don’t grow much more this summer.

The rootstock generally was a little on the wispy side----I don’t think I have to worry too much about the plants becoming seriously rootbound.

If it makes a difference, the rootstock is Geneva 890. The top varieties are ‘Gingergold’ and ‘Sweet Sixteen’ as per the local ag station recommendations.

I would suggest late fall. While ground still soft enough to dig and temps are low.

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You could do it now if you’re diligent with watering, but as said above fall is best.

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If planting now, extreme care not to lose the dirt since the plant probably is poorly rooted into the pot.
I planted out one of mine last week…but it is risky now in the hot weather.