When to spray dormant coper and oil- weather is not cooperating

I need to spray somewhere in next 10 days, earlier - better, otherwise it will be too late. As usual, weather is not cooperating. It is either low temperature the night after good day or rain next day. What day would you choose from days bellow? I was thinking Sunday, but next day rain will start around 3 PM. Assuming I spray in the morning, is it enough window before the rain?

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If you’re concerned about rain, you should use a sticker in your tank


For dormant sprays I use 3-4x the sticker recommendation amount, there is no phytotoxicity issue if there are no leaves :grin: The copper really stays on a long time when it is embedded in a thick coating of Nufilm, a month later I can still see the blue color on twigs. The only downside is too much nufilm/copper and your tank can clog … I sometimes need to fill with hot soapy water and pump through a couple gallons with the nozzle off.

I didn’t have time to get my dormant spray in last weekend since I was too far behind on pruning (which I finally finally got caught up on). But things are not that far along due to cold weather, so I should be OK to spray this coming weekend weather permitting.



My trees are still quite dormant. It’s been cold so I’ve not sprayed copper this spring yet. However, I sprayed once in late fall as dormant spray mainly for peach leave curl.

So, this time, I’ll do a delayed dormant spray of copper for other things including bacterial spot.

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What else do you use against bacterial spot? That’s my biggest peach issue here, after squirrels.

No I don’t. Your Kocide spray was very low dosage. If I were you, I would re-spray.

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Finally got my dormant spray in. Mindful of sprayer clogging issues, I did copper first, then rinsed and put on neem oil. Had to use hot water to get the neem totally liquified.

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