When to stop spraying Red Haven

My peaches have been sprayed with triazicide. Immunox and a sticker every 14 days or sooner after a rain. They look like 2 weeks at most til picking time. I’m thinking no more chemicals, is that a good plan?

You should have been using Montery Fungus Fighter and not Immunox to get a handle on possible brown rot. Order some and if any fruit starts to rot you can apply a rescue spray.

Here I get away usually with holding off from a month before harvest for peaches- for nectarines, maybe 2 weeks- on the wettest seasons.

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Will do, thanks Harvestman!

By the way, what I use myclobutanil for is mostly just apple diseases.

The only thing is pest pressure. In my area, I see sign of OFM damage well into Aug/Sept. Although it says later generations of OFM don’t do as much damage as the first or second.

Don’t know pest pressure in your area.

Sometimes “area” is extremely local. Many sites I manage have almost no OFM presence (carefully managed, tight ass, turf worshipping landscapes) but they are a menace in my orchard and nursery. I find I can control them with very little poison by only focusing on the growing tips and here, if I wipe them out through June, they don’t do any damage to fruit.

I have plenty pressure. I have some curc but mostly ofm. Birds peck and fire ants eat. Stink bugs also. But I also have a wife of 40 yrs. She wants to pick now and let the peaches ripen on the table. I want them to ripen on the trees. I can’t spray her, tho. Probably gonna pick peaches in a few days, would be my guess.