When to trim?

Hey ya’all!

So a year ago I posted for the first time and received help with the best type of grafting technique for the season. Had some success last summer grafting my tame plum material to some wild plum trees at the farm.

Anyhow, last winter I did some heavy thinning… removing thickets of wild plums and leaving the best regularly spaced… but also doing some heavy pruning of individual trees.

Anyhow, now they are putting out new growth and i am wondering when should I remove unwanted growth such as that lower on the trunk? I still want to have a tree and not a bush :joy:

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I would say the sooner the better.

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Ok, thanks. I had thought I read that maybe doing so would cause more water sprouts or something

I am not sure where you intend to cut. If you cut the tree you absolutely encourage lower growth. where else would it grow?

As I said, I want to remove the new growth low on the trunk… probably within the first 2 feet …

I’m sure there is other new growth higher up that will need to be removed at some point to keep the tree open… but I personally will have to let it grow to determine what needs to be removed