Where are all the stink bugs?

About a dozen years ago, nobody here had heard of the brown mamorated stink bug. The Il state entomologist sent out a call for people to send in samples to see if we really had it. (we did)

Then they were all over the place - especially inside my house. Every spring when it started to warm up, stink bugs flying all over the place, trying to get outside.

This spring - nothing. None. They’re gone. I can’t say I miss them, but I do wonder what happened. And if they’ll be back.


I haven’t seen a single honey bee this year :frowning: Two bm stinkbugs so far.

All the stink bugs are at my house. They send greetings and promise they’ll be back soon enough.


I had a TERRIBLE stinkbug problem maybe 5 years ago. They ruined pretty much all of my veggies one year. I was worried about whether I’d ever be able to garden normally again. But they were something like 50% reduced the following year, then more the year after that. They are still around but in numbers that are no problem at all.

This was a stereotypic boom/bust for a non-native pest. Glad the bust part happened so fast!


had them eating my strawberries 3 yrs ago. sprayed for them. havent seen many since. with our last 2 winter being mild im sure theyre making a comeback.

Every winter they make their way into my house to hunker down. Come spring I find several a day as they attempt to get back outside. They definitely are still going strong here. However if my watch pug Ziggy sees one he will not stop barking till we kill it.


Gone to Washington, everyone, when will they ever learn?

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