Where can I get Honey Peach scions and grafting questions

Hello everyone!

Long time lurker here, I decided to make an account after getting an idea of what’s going on in my yard and assessing what I have. My question is two-fold:

  1. Can I graft a Chinese Honey Peach onto a sour cherry tree? I have several Sour Cherry trees (from Europe I believe) in my yard and I have read that many Prunus varieties can be grafted onto each other. What would the best graft technique be?

  2. Where can I find Chinese Honey Peach scions or even trees assuming that I cannot graft it?

Yes,the Peach can be grafted onto the sour Cherry,but will there be compatibility?Very likely not.
Using an Adara Plum,as a bridge between the two,may work.
Bob Purvis sells Honey Peach scions,but to me,they aren’t very tasty,more like a root stock.bb