Where did my cherry blooms go?

This tree has always produced abundantly. But this year, for whatever reason, but the buds were all empty. Not a single bloom.

The flower buds may have been killed by cold last winter. There was quite a bit of damage to other fruits like peaches.

It was a mild winter here. This tree has bloomed with no problem after it got down to -20 below.

@IL847 also complained of bad buds on peach. You both are in Chicago area.

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Yes. Most of my nectarine buds were gone from the stems, leaving only scars where they had been. I got a few flowers, it remains to be seen if any fruit will develop. It was different with the cherries - the buds were still there, but empty.

Something similar to this?

Winter kill.

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Sort of, but no pink showing.

I did not take all the pics of other clusters. Ovules killed, empty buds.

Sometimes mild winter is the actual problem. Plants wake up early and one day of average seasonable cold could kill the buds that in the “spring” mode already. It is like to get a hard frost in the spring.


That sounds reasonable. We had a very warm spell in April that sent all the trees into growth before they should have. Then light freeze, not as low as 30 degrees F. 100% bud kill. Never seen it before. Tree has never failed until this year. Always the one I count on to have fruit (now my only remaining cherry).

It’s not going to be a good year, fersure.

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My cold hardy Black Gold has a few blooms survived. Other varieties grafted on it were all gone.

Bush cherry, Juliet, blooms fully but not sure about fruit set.

With unpredictable weather we have had, results on our fruit trees have been unpredictable.


Yeah, I was fretting about that weather all thru April, and apparently with good reason. I think the problem wasn’t the early freeze, it was the earlier heat.


Yes the weather swings will fool non-native species, which most fruit trees are.


The winter may overall been mild, but days before X-mass our 50 F Dec dropped to -7F in one day. I’m 4 hors south of Chicago. My peaches have a real light set this year

I spotted maybe a dozen or so cots, maybe a dozen nects at shuck split. Given that it’s the curc season, I went out with the permethrin spray. Also hit the Brooks plums, of which the fruiting is yet to be determined. A lot have dropped already.

This is the worst fruit year ever.