Where to buy big Honeyjar jujube

Where can I get a good sized Honeyjar jujube with lots of roots? Or should I get another variety that’s easier to find, and graft Honeyjar onto it once its established.

I’m afraid the one I’ve been coddling along for a few years has died. I haven’t completely given up, because it can be late to leaf out, but it was semi girdled this winter by rabbits, and was pretty puny to begin with. The top 6 inches was dead when I pruned back to check.

JFE just restocked jujubes. Not big and expensive, but good quality. Bob Wells I think is out of stock, but they have five footers in a pot.

The Dave Wilson jujube trees are usually the larger caliper with larger roots. Many online sellers (not just bay laurel and grow organic/peaceful valley) source at least some of their jujube cultivars from DWN.
I forgot how to post pictures (don’t come here often anymore due to the chronic political venom from certain members), but if you go to the DWN website catalog page for honey jar, it should have a “where to buy” link with a list of mail order (or brick and mortar) stores which are selling DWN trees.
ToA, Bob Wells, JFaE, edible landscaping, rain tree, burnt ridge, fast growing trees, and some other familiar names are selling DWN jujube.
When you buy two jujubes from the same place and they are totally different calipers, the larger caliper is sourced from DWN. Individual nurseries, of course, also prune their trees differently after arrival for the wholesaler, which can explain height differences.


@murky of all the fruit trees I have grown, jujube is the only tree that I need to buy the largest tree I could find. They grow so slowly. It will save you a couple of years. So worth the price (quite pricey).

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Agreed on JF&E. Their trees will be well rooted. My HJ from them established very quickly despite an initial setback.

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Thanks for all of the information. I got mine from Raintree and it was small, must not have been one of the Dave Wilson trees.

I’ve come to that conclusion as well. Although I’d also like to try a big pawpaw. Won’t happen now because a generous member gave me a bunch of bare root seedlings.

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That doesn’t exist. I already looked for it.

Vincent scored several that look way too good to be true. He has access to some great nursery stock up by Seattle. There’s a thread about it. They were huge.

My short Shenandoah flowered in its 4th leaf while it was only 3 ft tall.

If you graft precocious pawpaw varieties to those seedlings, you could get fruit sooner than later (granted you need to have other pollen cross pollinate them).

I was about to say, Vincent got ALL of his fruit trees at great size and they started producing right away.

one of my two cultivars just flowered significantly for the first time this year, and the other looks to have a single flower bud. So I may be over the hump.

I have the two earliest ripening of the initial Peterson pawpaws at my mom’s house. I’ll likely graft them here once these get a little bigger.

I’ve got a few seedlings that flowered in four years. I agree with mamuang though, grafting it is a better idea. Wilds are variable in taste.

If I were you, I would collect pollen from those flowers (that turned into male) this year. Put it in a tight container. I just refrigerated it but others freeze it. It will come in handy for you next year.

I collected pawpaw pollen from last year’s flowers and used it to cross pollinate my two varieties this year. It seems to work.

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That’s clever. If I were retired, I might try it. I’m in the mode where I just do what I can, when I can, and am motivated. That’s too fiddly for me right now.

But thanks for the suggestion.

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As you may know, this is quite late to buy any fruit trees. However, you should give Tree of Antiquity a call. You might want to be on its wait list. I got my 4ft+ Honey Jar from it a few years ago. They have sold large sized jujubes.


They don’t list Honeyjar right now :frowning: They list 5 others as out of stock.


I just check Just Fruit and Exotic. $99 for 2-3 ft tall potted Honey Jar!!!

I think you may want to wait til next spring and drive to buy it at the nursery @Vincent_8B bought his large trees from.

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I got one from OGW last year. Roots were kinda crappy/non existent but it’s leafing out again this spring (in a pot). It was about 3 foot tall.

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If you want to try grafting, Planting Justice shows Li and Shanxi Li in stock for $55 each. I bought my Li from them last year after hunting through the DWN vendor list after most shops were sold out. Mine came in around 4 feet and good caliper. I can’t say how the quality would be this late in the spring.

Good Luck

I can’t tell if they ship, or what they charge for shipping, from their website. I joined their waiting list for Honeyjar.