Where to buy coffeecake and chocolate persimmons on D. vriginiana rootstock

Anyone know where i can buy Coffeecake and Chocolate Persimmons graft on D. virginiana rootstock?
I am finding some websites have one or the other and some mention lotus rootstock or nothing at all. I am a high humidity high rainfall area so need a rootstock that can handle my environment.

I bought Coffeecake on D virg from One Green World. Add yourself to waitlist for that item. Would love to know of other sources too!

Looks like Bob Wells out of Texas also carries both. Will have more in the spring.


You can try to convince some of the members on here to graft them for you. Not sure who would be willing to ship though. Or you can get the rootstock and do it yourself.

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I have been looking for scion wood but have not seen any yet. I do have around 6 trees that need grafting.

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Fruitwood carries scion of both if you can’t find a trade:


Are you sure it is on DV? Usually OGW stock is from California where they use Lotus.

Do they not get them from Northwoods Nursery like much of their other stock?

Two of my trees from them are on Lotus. I think they were from Dave Wilson.

I looked at the item description again. Definitely says D virg, but I don’t know if I can confirm that (not sure how to tell difference between D virg and D lotus, no suckers yet).


Maybe they switched to DV.
The Lotus rooted trees are very vigorous here. But my DV rootstock trees are younger so maybe there isnt any difference in vigor after all.