Where to buy peach trees

Adams country nursery seems to be out of stock .I seen a post someone gave the name of nursery that had lot trees left and I did not bookmark the name slipped my mind thanks for any help

Boyer Nursery or Stark Brothers could be a good place to look.

What varieties are you looking for?

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Vaughn and Cumberland Valley

Another vote for Vaughn and Cumberland Valley. Not sure about minimum order size, but their prices are about half of what others charge. Wide selection, especially for trees that grow well in the south. Vaughn also has a few common varieties of apples on Geneva.

When I ordered from Vaughn, there was no minimum. The tree sizes were smaller than other nurseries but peach trees usually grow fast. Start small is not an issue for peaches.


I just checked Adams County, they seem to have some yellow and white peaches left. Is there a particular variety you’re looking for?

Cummins has some as well.

I agree with CVN and Vaughn. However, CVN has probably finished shipping for the season - but it’s worth a shot to check with them. Not sure about Vaughn. I can usually get peach trees for about $5 each when I pick them up from CVN.

I will get list together I got a migraine thanks