Where to buy sulphur? And which one?

I tried to buy some lime sulphur from Seven Springs, but they won’t sell to me.

I found this one on Amazon. Would this be a good product to buy? It says you can apply as a powder, or mix with water and spray on.

What is the difference between Sulhur and Lime Sulphur? Which should I get?

Trees already showing green tip, so want to jump on this fast.

Thanks in advance.

John in Kentucky

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Hi-Yield (32189) Dusting Wettable Sulfur (25 lb.) (amazon.com)

Is Bordeaux mix easier to find for you? It used to be commonly found, has lime, sulphur and copper.


Make your own,DIY Ultra-Powerful Natural Germicide JADAM Sulfur(JS) 10L for Gardeners. Homemade pesticide - YouTube

Lime sulphur contains calcium. It is a poor choice in the western U.S. and other locations with alkaline soils.

In our orchard I use Thiolux when sulfur is needed.

I am in Kentucky, my soil PH is 6.5, so best to avoid the lime then I guess???

That is not alkaline.

Due to the rocks our soils come from and the amount of rainfall we get, Western Oregon and Washington soils usually have a pH of about 5-6. This is great for northwest native plants like Pacific rhododendrons, red flowering currants, and blueberries. My soil pH is 5.7.

Just sprayed LimeSulfur yesterday on pears to control pear blister mite. Every other year I add dolomite lime around drip line of fruit trees.

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What is the benefit of lime when using it with the sulphor to spray for disease and insects?

Is the sulphor I found on Amazon a good choice for me?

It is a large quantity and I would think last me a long time.


So far I understand that you are in KY, you want to spray your trees, and your soil pH is 6.5 (I’m jealous).

What orchard pests and diseases are you concerned with?

Will apply sulphur on the ground affect earth worms, or kill typeof bees that winter in the ground, or other benefit inspects

Thanks Richard, I have been growing fruit and berries for years, mostly in Portland, OR and I never used any sprays or treatments, and the bugs became horrible, and I would get nothing. So, I started bagging all my apples and some pears. But bagging doesn’t work for peaches and plums, and so those never went well either.

But now I live in Kentucky and have a few older trees (two apples, one plum, one peach ) that came with the property. They all have lots of bug and disease issues, based on what I saw on them last year when we moved here. So, I am trying to get on top of those, and at the same time I am planting a good number of new fruit tree and berries, and this time around I want to be on top of all of these things, and not have the same problems I had back in Portland, where the bugs got most all of it.

I also really don’t want these older established trees to bring their problems to my new trees.

So, I have been going over Scott’s Low Impact Spray Schedule, and trying to learn as much as i can and to apply that. And sulphor seems to be one of the main thing he reccommends.

I already bought Surround, Spinosad, and Bt from Seven Springs, but they were unable to ship to KY I guess, so that is one item I still wanted to add to my arsenhl.

I still am trying to learn exactly what all problems I have with my trees, OMF is clearly one of them, and by the poor quality of the diseased looking apples I saw, a bunch more.

We just moved her last year, so this summer is when I will try to learn more about what problems exist. I still have a lot to learn being in a new place on how to identify them.

Back in Portland, Coddling moth, and Apple maggot were my big arch enemies.


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I am not intending to apply this to the ground or soil, but simply to spray it on my fruit trees as Scott talks about. Though, I am sure that some would of course eventually make it into the ground.

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This is what I use:

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I recommend you try Monterey Gardens brand Liqui-Cop now for fungal and bacterial protection.

If you see insect and bug problems later on this year I recommend Ortho brand Fruit Tree Spray. It kills on contact and is non-systemic. It will not control some of the nastier hardy pests.

Thank you, this is the same one I tried to order from Seven Springs, but it was not allowed. Some law perhaps with KY, I don’t know.

Where do you get yours from? I will try it.


I’m pretty sure it was groworganic.com

Look here.

The article blames it on ammonia-based fertilizer. Have they ruled out acid rain?

Quite a few coal-fired power plants in the inland west. I notice that none of their examples were in coastal regions.

Wild apples always look bad. They hang on the tree for so long that they accumulate a ton of damage even if the disease pressure at any particular time isn’t that bad, IMO.

I went with the Brandt lime sulfur, but I also keep a wettable powder for use in the summer & fall.