Where to locate raspberries on my property

Help! I live in Atlanta, and I’ve decided to try a couple of raspberry bushes this year and see how they do. The trouble is, I’ve got a couple places I can put them, and neither is probably optimal for different reasons. I was hoping someone here might have some advice.

Here are my two spots:
On a hillside that gets 6 hours of morning sun, and is shaded from 2 pm on. This area dries out easily in hot weather, and there is no convenient irrigation, so I probably would not water them as much as they’d like.

Second location: on the north side of my house, which would only get adequate sun from April-September-ish. It’s straight north, so the shadow of my house gradually decreases until the solstice. The rest of the time it’s shaded, but it’s probably cooler there, and the soil is likely to stay moist longer. There is also a hose bib nearby.

When do raspberries leaf out, and when do they go dormant? Is it possible they might like that spot if the shade occurs mostly while they’re dormant?

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Red or black raspberries? Reason I ask is that most black varieties only put fruit out one time in the year and will be done with by July but some red varieties will fruit twice (once in Summer and then in Fall) there are also a few everbearing varieties. I would go with the area that doesn’t dry out as quick and gets more Sun but others that are more expert than me may say otherwise :+1:

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I’m in southern Ontario, so a big bit farther north, and have had both black and red rasps do just fine in partial shade.

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Raspberries don’t tolerate the heat found in the South very well. If you don’t have some already, blackberries may be a better choice. The University of Georgia Extension has some information which you may find useful.

If possible try both locations with raspberries and blackberries and see how they do. If not, I’d choose the hillside location which provides enough sunlight early in the day and then relief from much of the afternoon heat. Put down plenty of mulch to keep them from drying out.


I told you more expert people than me would show up! I was thinking where I would put them if that was my situation not taking in to account you live much farther south then me :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the advice! I do have enough plants to try them both, so hopefully one will work for me. I probably will end up with all blackberries in the end, but raspberries are so good, I couldn’t resist the experiment!

You are probably too hot for black raspberries. They just stop growing once the days hit the upper 90s, shade or not. If you really want to try them, try the shaded spot since they’ll lose leaves to sunburn too.

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