Where's everyone's favorite place to get rootstocks?

I know not every place has every rootstock, so for a variety of reasons this isn’t a one-size question, but where do folks consider their go-to for rootstocks, or the place they’ve been happiest?

I’ve gotten rootstock from Raintree, Burnt Ridge, and Northwest Cider and I found NW seemed to have the nicest roots, plus since I got in during their clearance they were by far cheapest.

Next stop, I felt Burnt Ridge was cheaper without losing any quality on Raintree.

Raintree’s stuff was good also, but it was like 50 cents more a rootstock for apples.

Curious if there’s a couple places I’m missing though that I should be checking out this spring…

I’ve ordered from Fedco too. I was happy with what I received.

I got some stuff from NW cider on clearance, and it was fine.
I have ordered from Copenhaven the last two years, and have been happy with the stock, and the price. I think if you get into the bundle pricing they are quite a bit cheaper, but even their high price of two dollars a plant was less then many other suppliers.

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