Which graft are you most excited about this year?


I’m guessing most of us know which grafts have taken or not at this point. Which graft are you most excited about? Mine is a potentially cold hardy kaki from the USDA. Here’s a link about it: https://training.ars-grin.gov/gringlobal/AccessionDetail.aspx?id=1632381
I’ll grow it out in a pot for a year before planting in ground.


I got mulberry scions from Bob Vance (thanks,Bob) and they are doing great. I got cherry from Davis that I experimented with by grafting early like the Utube video series suggested. Total fail. I will get a new set of Davis scions next year and graft when I should have.


Too many to know but I like to eat pears, persimmons, and pecans/hickory/hican the most.



I am excited about all the scions that are leafing out. Especially the Red Baron peach. I bought a tree couple years ago but didn’t make it. I love its double red showy blossom. can’t wait it to bloom


My persimmons…I was very skeptical whether I could get any to take and I actually got 7 out of 10. So, I now have three types of kaki; Tam Kam; Tecumseh; and Giombo to plant out this fall.



All of them! Just 3 apple bench grafts, but hope to get them through this hot summer and in the ground this fall.


Any peach grafts that take. I mean it. My success rate has been inconsistent. In general, success rate goes up with more experience. Not true with peaches, for me. Also, like @IL847, I am happy that one of the two Red Baron took.

Jujubes because it was the first time I grafted them. Not sure what to expect from these 3” long, crooked sticks. They were the shortest scionwood I have ever worked with. 3/4 varities took. Autumn Beauty ( 2), Jin and Dong Zao.

Apples- the uncommon kinds ( to me). This year are Redlove Calypso and Herefordshire Russet. Both came with strong recommendations.


I’m most excited about all my peaches. I have had zero success with peaches in the past, but this year I did some research and did a bunch of grafting and ended up with 40% success. It’s not earth shattering but I"m still very proud.

Also, the grafts are growing so fast I’m a little hopeful that I could see fruit from them next year.


I had as high as 90%, but when you sum up all sessions I can’t do much better than 40% either.
I did get 3 nectarines to take, and about 4 or 5 peaches. So I’m happy about this years grafting.
The mulberries all took, and are growing like crazy. I also grafted cornus mas (dogwood cherries) and got about half to take. I heard they were hard to graft. One was called “Early Purple”, never heard of it before.I grafted 3 of each variety and had about 5 cultivars, and got at least one take from all five.
I was happy to see good takes of Old Mixon, Arctic Jay, Foster, Clayton, Pf24c, Indian Blood, for plums I added Inca, Black Ice, Hollywood, and Rosemary.
I’m just about full now, so will only add to replace ones that don’t work, or the few places where I had failures.
I tried grafting later where some failed, but here the best time is at flowering, soon after it’s just too hot. Anyway none of them took the 2nd round. It was exceptionally warm this spring, so I got a little unlucky. Some years I would have had some takes later in the season.


Saturn peach,dripping honey Asian pear and shiro plum


How do you get persimmon scions from USDA?


already have all above:grin:


Definitely Henry Clay apple of Kentucky… only because it is exceedingly rare and possibly a good early-early season apple. Time will tell. I hope it tastes good and isn’t a bust.

I’m also irrationally optimistic about Lasgerdi Masshad apricot, which definitely took. Florilege is trying to hang on too…

I hope some of my peach grafts pull through. Jury still out.


I’m excited about all of my apple and pear grafts that took, but I’m most looking forward to eating my first Eastman Sweet apple.


I couldn’t get USDA to approve my persimmon scion requests. So, I’m just happy to graft what I already have. I’m a first time grafter this spring, and the help of others here has resulted in a prettt good success rate.


Not able to comply with the singular, but jazzed about June Pride, Gold Dust, Silver Logan, Rising Star, Clayton, All Star, Montrose, Flavor Supreme, Beauty, Chestnut, Harvest Queen, Royal Rainier, and many others. Special thanks to the folks on the forum who contributed many of these varieties plus more. You guys rock!


In years you have mild springs, I’m willing to bet you might be successful in getting Gold Dust peaches.

I’m glad it took for you. Good luck.


I did some chestnuts this spring, both potted small seedlings and pollinators on established trees outside.
I’m delighted that both genotypes took.
I have a male barren tree which means the only other blooming age tree doesn’t make nuts.
If the scion branches winter, I may have nuts next year.

I have hand pollinated before, but the trees are tall and I’m short, so not many nuts.
Awfully yummy, would love to have lots.
I also like the pure species, as I’m looking for some seednuts for my woods. To date, it’s only been possible to make hybrids nuts, as the tree at the back of the property is a hybrid…and the pollen donor.
The 5 at the front are all pure species, but only 2 are old enough to bloom and the male sterile tree complicates things. The male fruitfull tree is young, and had 3 catkins last year, but has a pollinator grafted on now.


I’m happiest about the success of my frankentree. Grafted 25 varieties of apple to it, all of which leafed out, before thunderstorms snapped one graft union this week.


Nothing too exciting overall but I’m stoked that the methley and superior plum I grafted to santa Rosa have done well. Also grafted Granny Smith to winesap. All are My first attempts at grafting. I’m sure I’ll be begging yall for Scion next spring. Lol.