Which graft are you most excited about this year?


I’m most excited about my Luisa plum grafts. This is a very sought
after variety, especially after Raintree stopped selling it. The grafts are
growing so well, that I should get fruit next year. Got the wood from
Bob Purvis, who always sends excellent wood. Also grafted Purple
Heart and Elephant Heart.


Excited about my grafts of Jefferson and York filberts. All are growing well.


I like frankentrees too, grin. Never thought I’d say it, but space is getting limited on the home place.
I’d love a Uniacke scion late next fall too, then I can have UniackeXAshdale or St Peter’s, happy anticipation :slight_smile:
Local trees leaf at just the right time, and don’t wake up in January thaws…I’ve had trouble with other seedlots that do this. No living person has seen a Uniacke nut, or a St Peter’s one either…can hardly wait to see what they will be like.


My Lord Lambourne and Sir Winston are showing signs of life, I really wish the 3 varieties from the Laxton’s Brothers Nursey I got would take off.


What kind of graft did you use and were leaves budding on the rootstock, etc? My 1st attempt at them didn’t work. I have Lewis if you want to trade wood this winter.

I’m excited about every single graft, lol. Right now I’m really rooting for Oullons and Geneva Mirabelle to make it. They were grafted right before the awful heat. Oullons looks promising! Geneva, not so much, but some are buds so they could be OK.

I’m thrilled with all the new varieties that took! Thanks so much to everyone who sent me wood :slight_smile:


Rosemary Russet!

I like lotsa flavor, and this one has potential. The scion came from Arizona, and all four tries came through! (Thank you, Jolene!) Two grafts went onto Bardsey, because it handles our summers so well and its fruit is juicy. I hope those attributes will contribute to success for Rosemary R., which I have marcotted/air-layered a couple weeks ago.

Now I go out each day to look for roots peeking next to the plastic, so they can get planted. I rarely got this excited about Christmas presents…


What pure species are you wanting to grow?


I want to grow more of the dentatas, the american chestnut. They are endangered here, on the Species at Risk list, and it’s fun to provide a space for the local genotypes to grow.
They make good lumber, and very tasty nuts, so I get something out of it too, grin.
Lumber will be for the kids, as I’m older and the biggest tree went in the ground in 2006…3 inches diameter at 4.5 feet.
If the Kids only cut the ones I planted, and not the increase, they will be self seeding and a viable population. My Dad and I planted acorns the year I was 3, and when our kids got married, we cut those oaks to pay for their wedding. The increase is happily growing and multiplying.


PM sent


I tried grafting for the first time this year. Of my 21 grafts, only one took, a Yakima plum, so that is the one I am most excited about.


I imagine most of us have had your experience at one time or another. Last year (not my rookie season of grafting, BTW) I got merely 20% success.
This year: much better, and then I kill one of the grafts…Patience! Patience!

(One may wonder how I killed a graft. I tried to unwrap it and found the wrapping far stronger than expected and the callus weaker. Bad combination, but it could have been fine if had just left well enough alone.)


I’m most excited about my Granny Skaggs PawPaw, which is to the best of my knowledge, a developed but now-unknown variety that I have rescued.

Second place goes to my Illinois Everbearing, which is the first developed mulberry in my collection, and is certainly different from what I have now. I’m anxious to see its genes make their way through the local population.


I don’t follow so I’m asking. Is it as simple as tasting its’ production?



I have a lot of local mulberries, so it’s only a matter of time before they cross


Thanks. I should’ve gone with my first impression.



I’m mostly looking forward to the trees I know I can plant here…persimmon and pear.
I got Fondant Lille from @BobVance and have two lovely little trees from that scion growing nicely on OHXF 333.
I also got Aurora pear, and Drippin Honey. Chocolate and Coffee cake persimmons as well as a bunch of other American persimmons.

Thanks to everyone that traded with me!


One of the most fun to look at is a black walnut I didn’t check up on for a few months and found it had grown 8’ since Spring. Since it’s in my neighbor’s woods & blends in, a photograph won’t do justice.