Which nursery has decent size paw paws?

The ones from Edible Lanscape have shrunk compared to prior years: One Green World used to have decent size trees but they’re tiny now

Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery has good sized ones. I got a 4 foot Shenandoah from them that has done well. England’s has good ones too, plus some unique varieties.



Just Fruits and Exotics has decent sized ones. I got a couple last year that came in 3g pots and were about 3 ft tall.

A few years ago I got some from Raintree but they were small - in tiny pots - and the roots were fragile and J-hooked under and around the bottom of the tiny pots. None of those trees survived transplant. That’s when I determined to plant seeds and then chip-graft them over.

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