Which peach disease / pest is this?

I just came back from the orchard and noticed a knot on my Redskin peach tree. Any idea what this is?

I haven’t been able to find any pictures online that match up. :frowning:

I’ve had bacterial infections that have looked like that. It’s hard to see in the picture though. If you have sap oozing out and it turns black you can get canker. You might have a bore hole causing that too. I can’t see from the picture if you have holes in the wood. You can stick a wire in the hole and kill the bore and spray. If it’s canker you have to cut it all out so there is no more black in the wood and spray, or paint with copper. If you leave black wood behind it will still be infected. I have saved my nectarine tree in three spots by doing that. I’ve used a sharp utility knife, but the chainsaw worked the best. I am very skilled with a chainsaw though and would not advise it. Have you been spraying for bacteria? stone fruit are hard to keep if you don’t use fungal sprays. They are very venerable in wet humid temps above 70 deg.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll go out in a few minutes to poke the hole to see if a bore is there. What do you suggest spraying?

Triazicide Once And Done is what I have been using. Make sure what ever sprays you use you mix them correctly or you can lose your leaves. If you buy a sticker it will keep it on the tree longer. A little bottle of sticker goes a long way. You don’t want to spray where plants are in bloom or you will be killing pollinators. Immunox works good for fungal. You can mix them both together and spray all at once. You should use copper when dormant. It can be carefully sprayed on the trunk but it will kill the leaves.

I finally got a dry spell and cut out the sore. There were a couple of small white grubs which I suspect are peach borers. I had some pre mixed immunox which I sprayed on the affected trunk area after all of the brown wood was removed. Thanks for the tips!

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