Which rootstock/nursery for Asian pear? (Raleigh NC, zone 8a)

I am wondering if anyone has experimented with the ‘Limon’ variety of quince, it seems very promising to me

Pretty sure those are the same thing.

The OH stands for “Old Home” and the F stands for “Farmingdale” because these rootstocks were believed to have resulted from a cross of those varieties (both noted for excellent resistance to fireblight). Genetic analysis eventually revealed that “Farmingdale” was not one of the parents (it was Bartlett) but the “OHxF” name remains.

Edit: didn’t realize until after I posted this that @clarkinks had posted a much more in-depth summary above.


Thank you @marten

OHF 97 just appears to be a typo on Fruitwood nursery’s website


That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure.

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Thanks all, this has been extremely helpful!!