White mango

mango growers: Just curious, is there such a thing as a White Mango? I’m trying to upload a picture from FB, and I had it resized but it is not uploading.

One of the world’s finest mango research programs is at TREC: http://trec.ifas.ufl.edu

Ty Richard! Have u seen a white Mango? Someone posted a picture and info, and it looked a little sketchy to me. Someone is trying to sell 3 seeds for $18, and the website is seedpirates.org

  1. I’d be wary of growing a fruit tree from seed. You’re looking at 7-12 years before fruit production – and for mostly indoor mango in your zone 6 location more like 15-20.
  2. If there is a white mango then the folks at TREC would know about it.

I found this information on Google