White paint brush fails

I try to paint the trunk of my fruit trees: jujube, persimmon, but the paint cannot go with the trunk. At first, I add half (plastic bottled water) water in volume. The paint on the trunk is so thin that the color is very pale. Then, I try to use the paint directly (no water). It is only a little more white.
Below is the result:

The white paint is interior paint plus primer:

What is wrong?
Thanks in advance.

It almost looks like the paint has no pigment, as if it had not been thoroughly shaken at the paint store. It’s really hard to do integrate the pigment if the can than has sat for some time, as the pigment cakes in the bottom. You can dig at it with a paint stirring stick, but it’s inefficient and takes forever. Take it back to the paint store and have them shake it up properly and see if that helps.

Good luck!


Just stir the paint for an hour.
Custom paint should not be returnable unless it had been a ‘guaranteed’ to match sale.


OK, stupid question–You had that paint tinted white, right? It’s not just the base like it says on the can? Because if you didn’t have it tinted, then it is going to paint on mostly clear with just a little bit of pigment. Having it tinted is what adds most of the pigment.


Like others said, you got a base paint without colour in it. Transparant lacquer.

This is basicaly only binder (glue/resin) and a solvant. Without any white color pigement (usualy titaniumdioxide or lime/calcium based whithe pigement)

Also this is interior semi gloss paint. Is it water based? I see it’s supposed to be everyday washable and wear proof. Althoug i can’t say for sure it will damage plants. There is a chance.

Id buy the cheapest (base price) whithe interior latex, that is water based. This one should contain mostly lime and water. And is imo the most plant safe.

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