White Peach Green June Bug Magnet

My Blushing Star peaches are getting ripe this week. June bugs are ignoring overripe yellow peaches in the next tree in the row to go after the white ones with their very fragrant scent. At least they all crowd in on one before finding another with a bird peck or crack to attract them.


They are ugly for sure, this year I see no June bugs yet, they usually attack my figs.

Looks easy to kill

They are resilient buggers.

Looks to me like the case of something first injured a fruit, and the June bugs piled on for the sugar/juice.

Doesn’t look like they’re raiding the other fruits.

Yep, a bird or a stinkbug will piece them and here they come. I spot sprayed those in the pic with Sevin in a quart sprayer so they are done sucking my peaches!


This is the time of year they hatch from the soil.

It looks like I spoke too soon, either that I have a magical touch that whenever I mention something it happens right away.
They are here now today, flying around, must be the Red Baron peaches.

They showed up Sunday in mass after a big rain Saturday. They kept flying into the big window in my living room. My cat was entertained watching them fly all around. Japanese beetles have been light so far. Leaving my Hibiscus and grapes pretty alone for now.

One last pic. Hardly any Japanese Beetles this summer but the June Bugs made up for it. I picked last peaches off my trees this morning so last meal for the bugs.

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