White substance on my peaches :(

Tonight I noticed a white sugar-like substance on several of my peaches. Can anyone identify the cause of the issue in the attached picture? It looks like something is boring into them. :frowning: What solutions do I have to treat it?


Looks like something has broken the skin, perhaps burrowed in, and that is dried seepage from the wound.

Uh oh. It’s probably either oriental fruit moth or plum curculio. They both leave those marks and have that ooz. Do you have those pests in your area? There is one or two pesticides that have what is called kick back. That means they can kill the larvae that is already in your fruit. That may be an option but that looks pretty bad. I think imidan is one of the chemicals with that feature. Maybe someone else can chime in here with more.


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I’m not sure that there is a home-use insecticide that has kickback. Imidan is not packaged for home use, and imidacloprid is not labeled for fruit destroying insects. I am not aware of a clothianidin or thiamethoxam-containing product for home use.

Acetamiprid may be the one. The home-use product is Ortho Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Insect Killer Concentrate. It is labeled for plum curculio and oriental fruit moth. There is some info out there that it may have curative action, which would make sense as neonics are translocated in the plant.

Hello, this looks to me like stink/plant bug damage. imidacloprid is labeled for plant bugs on stone fruit. If you cut the fruit you can see if it is surface damage or maggots in the fruit.


Good point Eric, that large indented patch is characteristic of stinkbugs. The clear goo is on the other hand what OFM or CM does, but sometimes damaged fruits produce that.