Who can I still order from!

I seem to have gotten the spousal units grudging agreement to order at least a couple of trees.

Which nurseries are still available to order from, who keep their stock in cold storage. The problem is, it seems like a lot of the recommended nurseries don’t carry a lot of the varieties that actually do well in my area, Maryland. I want to start with a peach and an apple, probably on an M26 or similar/smaller.

I will then try to graft other varieties on those and expand in coming years.

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Try calling schlabach nursery. They take orders later than other on line nurseries. They do have a good selection. Call them at 585 798-6198. If you don’t get a person asnwering your call, leave a message. They are good at returning call.

What are varieties you looking for? I have its 2018 catalog. I could tell you if they carry them this year.


I’ve ordered from Stark Brothers late and got decent stuff.

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I’m open. I’ll probably post another thread to clarify. I do believe most of the ‘really good’ varieties Scott and others recommend (he lives close to me) I’ll have to obtain scionwood and graft myself.

Would Schlabach still send me a catalog? I seem to recall they don’t do anything online.

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My only beef with Stark Bros is that they don’t publish rootstocks. Esp. with apples, you have no idea what you’ll be getting.

Go to local people Walmart or Lowes,I found white lady peach tree at Walmart in my area. White lady is a very good peach, suitable for varieties of weather.
Honey crisp, Fuji, or gala apple trees are good, which could be found in local Lowe’s.

What part of Maryland are you in?

You can ask them for the 2018 version of this:

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Howard County, MD.

starkbro has $3.14 flat shipping cost on March 14.

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Fruit trees from Walmart, Lowe’, Home Depot, you run a higher risk of buying mislabeled trees. It takes a while before buyers realize they bought wrong varieties.

Sometimes, they don’t know until they post pick of their fruit or flowers here for experts to give them the correct varieties.


You can always call them to find out. Yes, they don’t do on line or have a website.

Sounds like my fuzzy nectarines.


Howard County for me too! The Home Depot on Rt. 40 in Ellicott City sometimes has a decent selection of apple trees. I have some goldrush scions in my fridge if you want a few. They are from Scott originally. You could get something in the ground soon and work it over when it warms up a bit.


I may order from Raintree, since they have Rubinette apple on M26, and also Kit Donnell peach.

Cummins still has a few decent trees-not nearly their selection from the fall, but still stuff you won’t find at the local Nursery. If you want the “really cool stuff”, I’d recommend you get rootstocks, plant them this year, then graft next year.

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half the price is in the shipping. My raintree order has not been shipped yet. If you want to piggy back you can. You can either drive to NJ to get it when it arrives or DC to get it when I bring thigns down to my mini orchard.


Then just cut it and graft some good varieties.
Today I bought a “Belle of Georgia” peach tree for just $13. I will use it as the rootstock to graft white nectarines.

I’m going to like mamaung’s suggestion and add another vote for Schlabach’s. They are a 30 minute drive for me and they have many more products than what they list in their catalog. They sell root stock, and take custom orders. Sometimes they have extras from custom orders and will sell these if you ask. It’s how I got 2 I was looking for on this years order. As an added bonus they are cheap compared to many others nurseries. If they don’t have the variety available still this year, you could buy a different variety and convert it (graft it) next year. They also sell scion wood.
Peaches from them are tough if you don’t order early as they seem to sell out fast. Remember you can’t get apples from one tree unless you have a pollinator, an added bonus to grafting 2 varieties of apples on one tree-you’ll have a pollinator. Many peaches are self fertile.
Calling them is probably the best way to order.


Boyer just published their new catalog. You’re welcome! (drop the mic)


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