Why are my pears blooming and what should I do about it?

A few days ago, both my Bartlett and Anjou pear trees started to blossom.

I transferred the Bartlett to a new pot in March and it had some serious transplant shock, only putting on a few leaves. A couple weeks ago it started to leaf out and now it has blossoms.

My Anjou has been in the ground since last year, flowered this past spring and set 5 pears. Now it’s blossoming too.

Any idea what might cause this? They’re on opposite sides of the yard and one is in the ground while the other isn’t. I find it strange that they’d both start blossoming within 3 days of each other in the middle of September.

Lastly, what should I do? I want to avoid any stress to the trees and ensure they’re able to fruit next spring.

Relief from water or heat stress can cause them to bloom but usually not a lot of bloom. How much are they blooming? I’d cut the flowers off.

Interesting. I don’t think they’ve been heat or water stressed.

The Bartlett is absolutely covered… As if it were just leafing out in spring. The Anjou had less, but still not an insignificant amount.

Anyway, I’ll follow your advice and cut them off.

Yes, pinch off all the post-season blooms… for many reasons, not the least of which is fireblight prevention.

Matt and Fruitnut are right. Those are called rat-tail blooms and never produce anything (in my climate). They are just an entry point for fireblight.

Thanks everyone!