Why are so many use the smallest pot to…

Planting figs in small pots beneficial? I know that figs could fill a 10 gl pot in no time, but the benefit is,they go into fruiting much sooner, will they taste better? Do root prune the second year? Uppot the following year already? What about 20 or more pots? Seems like a lot of extra work potting up so soon.
Or easier to bring them in for winter storage.
Am I wrong if I just grow 12 Smith tree’s and be done with sourcing for the next best tasting one. All you need is one Smith tree and make tons of them the following years. I guess it is a boring suggestion. Sorry.

Here a Moscatel preto, just one year old at 6foot2, my height, still growing. A 12gl container? No way, but a 15 gl squat is my new limit, nothing bigger.

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I think it’s a cost and space thing.