Why are we giving ourselves so much work?

If dandelion honey tastes like regular honey, your taste buds must still be messed up from the Coronavirus. :grinning:

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Maybe as trees mature, they’ll shade out the grass?
I’ve not owned a mower in nearly 20 YEARS.
(Too much effort for one week of satisfaction of looking at neatly mowed grass.)


Yes, we cut the grass last month and now it’s like last month…


You are lucky if you get a week, for me it is more like 3 days and then 4 more days of telling myself I really should cut the grass (sigh).

We’ve taken to letting the lawn “go to meadow”. When it gets seedy we mow it, rinse and repeat. I don’t know what the neighbors think, but we like to think we’re setting a good example in terms of saving gas.

We don’t fertilize or use herbicides on the grass so we get lots of other stuff, some good to a point (forget-me-nots) some not so good (ox eye daisies) and some pretty neat (violas). So far, about two year’s worth, it has worked OK.

The way building and property prices are around here the place will probably be razed when we move on and five shoebox condos stuck on it. I will not be generous to the next owner.


I have been turning half of our farm lawn back to wild. I mow that part only once in the spring and in the fall and I have been planting wildflowers in order to get something a little more interesting. I have blue eyed grass and pussy toes show up this year as well as daisies, black eyed susans, achillea, and I am hoping for some wild tiger lilies to set up shop.