Why can't I designate a category on new posts?

I think Scott had to just place my latest greenhouse post into general fruit growing. I tried doing that myself as I post. But never seem to get the job done. I’m going for “About This Forum” here. We’ll see if that works. If not what am I doing wrong???

It worked this time and I still don’t understand.

Contact a mod. Wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

fruitnut, I can designate the forum category. There is a box to the right that states the category, and has a (faint) drop down arrow that allows a drop down menu to select the category. Are you not seeing that when you click on the “New Topic” button?

Fruitnut, your post was in general fruit growing, but the site has a bug that when us mods start a new thread it puts it in the right category but doesn’t put the name correctly in the main listing. So any time I see that I change the category to something else and back to general fruit growing and it fixes itself. I have been meaning to mention it to you and the other mods so you all know about it. Next time the category is not looking right click on the pencil at the top and check - if its correct but not showing change it to something else and back to fix.

Yes the drop down arrow is faint. I’m surprised anybody sees the arrow. I guess general is the default category if you do nothing.

Thanks Scott. I guess I’m not imagining things.