Why does weather timing and consistent rainfall matter?

As an observer of nature sometimes it’s necessary to point out problems like we had last year with unusually high rainfall or other years with very low rainfall. On an extremely dry year turtles , birds, raccoons, and many other animals are forced to target fruit when adequate water is not available. One trick I use is always having a source of water available. There are other problems with to much rainfall. Predators like cats, Coyotes, foxes and others wait for small animals or birds to come to the pond to drink. The predators get most summer meals using ambush attacks. If rainfall is high frogs move to mud puttles throughout the fields and with them come their predators eg. Snakes, raccoons, possums and others. Multiple problems with rodents now exist. Because the rodents had water and food where they were they did not die in large groups like normal at a certain location. The rodents spread out which means higher numbers of rodents lived. Higher rainfall throughout the summer also meant my fruit crop was heavier than normal. Anyone notice anything at your place? Snakes being spread out means many were bailed up in the fields adding to the rodent population. In Kansas these are small problems but in other areas that have Many cougars, Bears, Wolves and others like they do in California it puts the animals in conflict directly with people. Areas with to much rainfall wind up with alligators migrating to farmers Ponds eg. Crayfish and rice farms.