Why I like small fruit tree’s

When you are old and “wiser” you want only small tree’s. Waited long enough for this to come.

Working on Tippy/ Tony out of this world sionwood.


I love your hat.


I like your open center. I’ve been working our 3 Red Haven peaches to have open center
Looks like you live on a lake too.

Today I liked small fruit trees because I spent a few hours bagging apples and pears. Not once did I need or use a ladder. I only have a couple of limbs that I can’t reach with my feet on soil.


Live on Beaverlake. Can always live of the lake if we have to, plus deer Meat if you like wild stuff. As you can see, there are a few of them in the picture, waiting.


Did you have to spread the branches on your trees to get them to fan out like that? You are a very accomplished orchardist. I bet you’ve got good fishing in that lake!

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Just drove by Beaver Lake in Ware MA today. But this one is a
man-made lake.

I have tried to keep my trees short but some got away :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You don’t have to do anything with persimmon. When they are young you have to pick your branches you want to keep, that’s all.
Side branches should be shortened to create more side branches. The laterals should be strong enough to hold above normal fruits. Have larger tree’s also.

Plenty of fish, remember I built fish habitat for several years. Drag bunch of dead tree’s found along the shores, drag them to my dock and sink them with cinderblock.


What was wrong with my favorite summer hat? I bought from a Mexican store.They we’re happy when I walked out of the door with my hat, which is about over 25 years old.

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Wow! I want to visit you one day to go fishing and eat your persimmons :smiley:

What’s your favorite fish from your lake? I really like eating panfish like bluegill, crappie, yellow and white perch. Got me an 8 foot long ultralight for flinging tiny jigs into the horizon.

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Mostly walleye, crappie, sometimes catfish, if I catch the right kind.


Andrew, you better use your GPS to find my place, Ozark’s is big.


Is there a trout fishery below the dam, like Bull Shoals?

Sure, it’s all part of the White River system, very cold water discharge.
I am with the fire department, we pull many fishermen out those ice cold waters. When they discharge you better get of or be pulled out with hypothermia. We have a rescue rig especially for below the dam River rescue.


From what you’ve seen and heard, what is the most common mistake that leads to a fisherman ending up in the water? Does this mostly happen with smaller boats?

You can wade, but flow is way to strong. When they blow the sirens,you get of, you only have a few minutes.

We used to have good walleye fishing in the rivers when I was younger but the state reduced or stopped stocking them for a while. Bass fishing is still ok but also not as good as before. They’ve had terrible survival of young in recent years and disease. I think there has been an improvement though. Hopefully more fish with each passing year.

Edit: We now also have this new fish to catch. Snakeheads are fun to catch and good to eat. @tonyOmahaz5 is this fish familiar to you?


Nice Bass Andrew. I used to take my boat out to Harlan County Reservoir near Kansas border and camped out for a week with my children. They allowed each one of Us to have a 20 hooks line. So I strung a 100 hooks line down in the middle of the lake with a deep channel with medium size stinky 2 days old shrimps for bait around 8PM and at Midnight We pulled the line out of the lake.
We got so many 5 to 15 pounds catfish that We gave lots away to campers next to Us and fried some for lunch the next day. Now that the 3 older kids are out of college and on their own, I do missed those fishing days.


Yes, I also called it Mud fish . Fun to catch and very tasty.

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Snakeheads are very popular in Southeast Asia but bad news here. As you know, they are fierce hunters and have no natural predators (other animals) here.

If those snakeheads were in SE Asia, they would run for their lives.