Why poor berry settings in my brambles?

I am Texas zone 8B. My brambles not being able to set fruits very well or fruits relatively smaller than what it was supposed to be here (attached pictures of thorny Kiowa, thorn less Arapaho blackberry, and Glencoe raspberry), my guess is not enough pollination but there are a lots of honeybees in the surrounding area and all my blueberries set fruit very well and are large. We do not have other pollinating bees (like mason bees or southern bees) in this area other than honeybees and bumble bees. Any helpful advice will be appreciated.

Your set looks okay to me. More sun and water might help. Don’t fertilize-- easy to kill rasps that way.

When did you plant them? Remember: Most brambles only fruit on second-year canes. 3rd year rasp canes naturally die and should be removed to prevent mold. The rhizomes underground are constantly spreading and re-sprouting new canes every spring. But first-year canes rarely if ever fruit (except for some of the blackberries in the Arkansas University “PrimeArk” breeding program).

The fruit with the partially filled and mis-shaped fruit looks like it could be ringspot virus. Perhaps pollination.


I only fertilize my brambles at bud break, a nice layer of compost/mulch after the prmiocanes start appearing, and even watering throughout the season makes for happy drupes.