Wild apples heading toward the creek

This tree is nearly in the creek but it may have a few more years on dry land; if I can keep the beavers away.


Does that tree produce full size apples, or is it a crabapple?

Do you have swamp crabapples there? I bought some from Raintree this year to trial them as a rootstock in wet areas, and I read they are a Pacific NW native.

I think the apples would be considered small but not crabapples…a big one might be 3". They aren’t very tasty. I have been grafting everything else I have, even hedgerow finds, to it, like an apple tree ‘mule’ because all my other trees are very young or fragile. I need to graft some of this tree to something, too. It seems to be pretty resistant to everything. Though it is going to go off the edge at some point, I’m grafting to it to try to save the other genomes for at least long enough for the other tress to stabilize/get bigger. (This one is about 15’ above the normal creek level, and the creek floods over this bank most years, which is what is slowly removing the bank.)
I did find two crabapple trees, different from each other, that I’m trying to ‘capture’ because they were next to each other and probably planted on purpose, and kinda old/probably on their own roots. They too seem to have little or no problems with bugs/disease. I’ve grafted some of their scions and hope to get some seeds as well, this year. The apples on them are smaller than a golf ball.

Both Kinds