Wild callery pear rootstocks


I’m thankful that one of my crafts from last spring took AND wasn’t complete deer fodder. I just finally fenced it today. Uploading: 235C81A1-0AD8-4F84-8DF1-0190F07006D3.jpeg… Uploading: 05313D46-17E2-4F4F-8117-F6E1FD902978.jpeg… This was either Moonglow, orient, or Ayers. I didn’t get any scionwood (should have! I certainly could’ve pruned!) so no grafting this spring.

I will get pics of my spring 2017 grafted callery in a bit here. I’ll also post some of my fails. If I can, I will also post a panoramic of my many many invasive Callery trees. Amazingly, two stumps that I cut way down and tried to graft (grafts either failed or were deer eaten), seem to be almost dead. I’ll try to post those pictures too, just because it’s amazing to me that they can be killed.

I’ve had a wildly busy evening. I’m sorry if things are posted confusingly.


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I may have some ayers scion left I can send to you since you didn’t harvest any scion wood this year. Let me know if you want some.

I’m surprised your stump died like that! I know you can still use that shoot, but I’ve cut lots of callery down at the same size as that and never had one die. In fact, they are tough as nails and almost unkillable in my experience!


I agree- so odd that they nearly died or did die! I have a feeling that one could totally revive itself just from that one branch, though. Oh! I meant to attach my pic of the 2017 grafted tree. I don’t think I see any flowers, just leafing out. I haven’t pruned it since I took scions last late winter (maybe March 2018 or so). What pruning would be good? I’d be glad if it doesn’t need pruning but it might be quite contgested with leaves


Kevin, I greatly appreciate the scion wood offer. I’m tempted to take you up on it but also see the strong possibility I won’t carve out time to graft and protect (deer are my main issue!) any grafts well as lots is going on. So I’m reluctantly passing on your kind offer. Thanks so much, though!!!


Wondering how big your pear trees are now? Its very enjoyable for me to see a once worthless pest tree turn into a nice fruiting pear tree!


Its almost time to locate some new wild callery seedlings. The leaves turn red in the fall and they are easy to locate.


Come to Ohio and get millions of them. We will be glad to give them to you and anyone else that wants to dig them out. Bring a semi to haul them all back. :grin:


Thanks for starting this thread. I was jealous of your free rootstock, even if they are invasive. After reading this thread I found a nearby spot with loads of callery seedlings. I know they are all genetically unique, but are they generally compatible with Asian pears?


Yes callery are compatible in many cases but i did not always know that. The original wild callery seedlings i used were not compatible with asian pears. BET are the best rootstocks in my opinion for asian pears. Sometimes BET and callery seedlings cross in which case they also make very good rootstock. So the simple answer is when using wild seedlings go ahead graft asian pears to them and see if they work. If it does not work in every case graft those to harrow delight and graft asian pears to the harrow delight and then by using that interstem it will work always.


Just recently drove a road I used to take to work, and what just 5 years ago was a 5 mile stretch with a 3ft tall wild callery about every 50 feet on the road side is now a callery every 5 feet, and in large groups up to 12 feet high. They are spreading unbelievably quickly here in S. Indiana. I know where to grab some rootstock if needed!


On a related note, will Callery pear pollinate Asian pears? There are a bunch of them planted in the neighborhood (I’d graft them over, but I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate me cutting down their trees :grimacing:). It would be nice if they’re at least handy for pollination.


The pollen does pollinate your trees


Yes if they bloom at the same time . I do not have Asian pears but the Callery bloom before my Euro pears .




May have to take a drive. :smiley:


I got this tiny little wild callery rootstock and I grafted to it last fall. I’m amazed it took considering how hard it was to work with such a tiny plant. Scion is Harrow Sweet. I see the rootstock leafing out now but the scion is still dormant. Should I rub off all the leaves from the rootstock now or wait until scion breaks bud?


I would rub those leaves off.


About above graft: it turned out the only bud on my graft is a flower bud. Now what?
If I remove the flowers will it create leaf growth?