Wild Lavender Mulberry

Was mowing a field today and found these growing along the fence line among regular mulberries. They taste really good. Unlike any other mulberry I have tasted. The tree is 6ft+ tall. Not sure if it is too big to dig up and save, or if I would be better trying to root cuttings. Land is going to be sold in the near future, so I’m guessing the fence line will be cleared, including the tree.



They look different. What’s unique about the flavor?

Really sweet, and kind of aromatic tasting. Really hard to describe.

About a quarter of the ones around here come out like that. I also find them much sweeter.

I’d say to try grafting if you have a local tree handy. They graft pretty easily.

those look great. I would take cuttings to graft if it was me. if you get plenty enough, I bet people would want some (including me) the white and lavender mulberries are so good

Is the leaf a White Mulberry leaf, or a Persian Mulberry leaf?
1 leaf type or up to 9 different leaf shapes on 1 tree?


Seedling of ‘Morus alba’ aka White Mulberry which has developed pigments.
Nice find.
Clone it.
Easy to do, watch a video.

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a really beautiful tree, too

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Yep, just more invasive Morus alba

LOL :laughing: :rofl: :joy:
At least it has yummy fruit.

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