Wild Persimmon Buffer

I have several wild American persimmons on my new recreational property. Can anyone suggest a general rule of thumb as how much I should clear around each tree? For instance 1 foot for inch of diameter? The bigger trees have pretty high crowns so it isn’t easy to develop a mtrtic based on height. Also I have a lot premature fruit drop - I suspect that is due to the heavy rain (?)

Clearing for sunlight or to harvest fruit? For fruit clear out to the outer tree limbs, so you can easily find the fruit. For sunlight clear as much as you are able to. Fruit drop is normal. Expect that every year.

The reason for clearing is for sunlight for the general health of the tree. Any thoughts an approximate rule of thumb. I’m think 1’ for each 1" of diameter. So a 4" tree would have at least 4’ cleared. A 10" diameter would have 10’ cleared. This would allow me to set the priorities for clearing around trees for futute years.