Wild Plum Culture

I’m about to receive some wild plum (Prunus americana) trees which I ordered last fall. I’ve read that they like to thicket and grow well that way, or they can be grown as a single tree.

A thicket would be less work and take up less space. However, separate trees would be easier to pick and I’m guessing that I would also get more fruit. For fruit production alone, which growing culture would be best?

I would train it open center, like a peach tree. You will get good light and airflow. I would prune the scaffold to as high as you can reach with loppers or hand pruners. I don’t like to climb more than two steps to harvest my fruit.
A thicket might increase pest and disease pressure.

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I’ve been trying to eliminate … one wild plum sounded nice around 1995…but been hitting root sprouts with brush killer for several years now and they keep popping here and there.

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The thicket probably comes from the roots sending up suckers, rather than lots of seeds germinating, or several being planted next to each other.

I have a St. Julian that is sending up trees left and right. I’ve been grafting and transplanting them. In the open, I can just mow around them. This tree is in a deer-net protected enclosure.