Wildlife in our gardens


To many urban people here in our neighborhood, squirrels are wildlife! Oy!


Male Allen’s hummingbird :slight_smile:


Janet “hunting” birds :slightly_smiling_face:


female and male Western Bluebird


At the fountain at night


Wet Finch.

male Allen’s hummingbird a top our Green Sapote (Pouteria viridis) tree.


Giant swallotail larvae


Opossum in Seattle.03.28.2018


Glad he’s not on my tree. In Maine they they would strip my trees of bark!


Around here they eat grubs, chase away rats (sworn enemies), and don’t do much damage.


Around here they are supposed to eat ticks! And that is worth them being around!!!


Very slow animal. She normally gets around at night but I saw her daytime today. She was not hurt any of my plants just make my dogs crazy. I tried to keep all dogs away from her.


When frightened and have space to run – or when chasing a rat – they can run very fast. Otherwise they just plod along … :heart:


we have a lot of skunks that dig on the lawns, eating junebug grubs. people get angry and trap them. i just put the clod of grass back and thank them for aerating my lawn and saving it from these grubs. i run into them often in the evening . they just walk on by with barely a glance. i enjoy watching them forage under the street light. even the cat touches noses with them and its all good!


The dog had a very unpleasant encounter with a skunk about a year ago in our backyard. It was a summer morning and everyone’s windows around us were open for the morning breeze, so they also were able to enjoy the smells.

I was able to experiment with various internet tomato sauce remedies. Shadow was one very miserable dog for awhile there.


I’ve known more than one dog who got sprayed, then recovered, then broadsided any other dog on the property who started chasing a skunk. They don’t want to smell that ever again!


Just think how bad a skunk must smell to predators that have a nose 10 to a hundred times the nose of ours. I don’t think they have any natural predators.




ours got sprayed 2xs in a week! he got it so bad it smelled like burnt rubber. didn’t take me long to make a fenced in area to keep the dogs in and skunks out!