Wildlife in our gardens


had to stay home one day with a sick kiddo so i sat out back and messed around with our nikon. Nothing fancy but has a good zoom. This blue bird gave me a look.


Monarch caterpillars on yellow and orange milkweed shrubs :slight_smile:


Male hooded oriole taking a bath :slight_smile:


Late this afternoon a young Allen’s hummingbird bumped into one of our sunroom windows. Fortunately it bounced back into our blueberry bed, although unconscious. Hearing the noise I went outside and saw it face down in the mulch but flinching a bit. I grabbed a misting bottle we have for the orchids and gave it a spray. It responded by sitting up – although clearly still in shock. About an hour later we checked on it and the bird had flown away. :slight_smile:


Collared Dove



Not a particularly good picture but he was just sitting there on the electric pole right next to my garden. Big Hawk…


lots of giant swallowtail caterpillars on my citrus…seems like we’ll have a bumper crop of them this year…


Not real happy to see the raccoon nested up with young in the hollow tree right next my shed, where the mason bees are, where I have to go to get to the compost pile.

And of course just a few yards from the veg garden and fruit trees.


Sounds like a coon with a plan.


You need irradication plan. Personally I use a red light on them at night and shoot them. Many other ways to get rid of them though. Good luck. BTW red light at night is legal here.


Illegal to do here.







You and my cat outta get together for a feast!

Me, I’m the cameraman. I could’ve easily shot that Turkey but I’d rather go to the grocery store!



It’s a boy!!


That is awesome photography!



I have never seen that before. Outstanding!


European Starling making a backwards exit from our garden.

115-365 European Starling taking off


It’s been a bird extravaganza. I put two feeders up that hang off my deck railing today and 30 minutes later goldfinches were all over them. Then a White-crowned sparrow flew right up near my kitchen window and an Eastern towhee was scavenging under the feeder. Towhees are quick!




many birds are rearing young right now so its great you are feeding them! i start in march thru early may to help them out. :wink: