Wildlife in our gardens


You solved a couple of the mysterious escapes. there used to be a limb you would swear no 4 legged animal could have climbed-too steep and too small- but sure enough, they would use it to get about the fence top and then they would take a flying jump. And once I had a tree fall against the fence. It didn’t hurt the fence to much but I did give the goats a way to get to the top of the fence, then they would jump down to the other side. But this doesn’t explain all the escapes. All I can figure on the others is they somehow managed to squeeze thru where the gate sits against the gate post I tie it to. Sounds obvious until you see how small that space is and how large the goats are in comparison. But they are clever magicians!


I found a wad of blackberry leaves all webbed up today. Thinking it might be web worms I tore into it and this is what I found.

I love spiders!!! :heart:



I know spiders are good guys, but that many of them just made my skin crawl😀


I’m with Sara…not a fan, but it was a neat pic!


But they’re just babies!


Now i don’t care who ya are! That’s funny…


Years ago, had some friends who kept goats. One time when we were standing by the cars and talking, one of the goats went from standing next to us to the top of her station wagon. One jump, from standing in place, no effort. It is very hard to keep animals who can do stuff like that enclosed.

Oh and the other thing, like deer goats are browsers not grazers naturally. And apple and other fruit trees are their favorites.


Saw this snake in my yard yesterday I’m guessing around four feet long by the markings it could be a rat snake?


I would say so too.


Looks like snakes are popular this year, got a batch of young-un’s in one of our ponds. It’s hard to keep them and the turtles out.


It is! My son has a snake in his pond this year, plus a large bullfrog that will probably eat his new fish


Carolina anole playing Waldo in a hydrangea by the house


I was walking past the Chickadee bird house today and I heard a chorus of baby chicks! I was wondering when they were going to hatch, it must have been last night during the rainstorm. Both Parents are now working full tilt to feed them and they’re arriving with worms, grubs and other soft insects.


Нandsome couple! :grin:


i have some chickadees in my bird house also. 1st time they nest there. could hear the babies chirping away. theres another nest in the other one but not sure what kind of bird is nesting in there. also the 2 mourning doves i fed over the winter are still in my yard so i think they have a nest in my big spruces. they eat the scratch i throw in the run for the chickens. love hearing them coo in the evening. they’re so used to me now, i can get within 10ft. of them before they fly. such a peaceful bird.


I can’t stand the Mourning Doves that nest in my area. They originally started coming here because there’s several dogwood trees around my neighbourhood which have red fruit in the fall. They gorge themselves on the berries in flocks up to 40 in number.


I usually have a pair that nest around the yard somewhere. Last year they were in the weeping willow.


they are fairly rare here. up until about 15 yrs ago we didn’t have any. they don’t touch my berries. the crows ,cow birds and grackles on the other hand…


I’ll take Ravens any day over Doves.


Two wrong-way Orioles came in our sunroom today – one flew out on its own but the other was very shocked, I finally got it to hold onto a stick and then carried it outside.