Wildlife in our gardens


excellent in the crockpot! :wink:


Almost ran into a copperhead with my dogs this morning fortunately I had them on leash. I like snakes but not happy to see this guy so close to house with pets and kids.




The Monarch caterpillars are quickly munching down our yellow milkweed. So yesterday we purchased an additional plant which I installed and extended irrigation to it. Of course Janet chronicled the whole event with photos :slight_smile:




what kind of emitters are those in your pic @Richard


Found this little guy sleeping near my fruit trees this morning.


awwwwww … ummmmmm


I don’t think it’s quite ripe, I would harvest that one in the fall.


Under one other the Apple trees.


So, I was looking at my cherry trees and about a week ago I had cherries. Here they are today.

And the Topic about cussing!!! YES I DID😤


Love these guys. We call them cattle egrets down here. They always come when I’m mowing. They can consume a hundred or more bugs an hour. It’s a real blast to watch. I’ve seen them snatch pretty darn big frogs too…


My cherry tree


There’s a robin that’s pissed at me - she was starting a nest in one of my apricot trees, just out of sight




got to pet my 1st baby moose last week! my brothers sister in law discovered it behind her greenhouse 4 days ago. no mother to be found. she bonded to her teenage daughter and would bleat when she would leave her. the state animal biologists came and brought her to a rehab. game farm downstate. she loved attention. ill see if i can get Sharon to post the pics for me later.


1/4 circle streamer heads for 1/2" threaded irrigation pipe.


That’s a great way! My tree is pretty big so covering it would take an air drop. :grin:


Copper heads are no joke, I believe you have just moved and have kids so I would just say I have a no tolerance policy for venomous snakes. They seem to be the most aggressive in the fall when the temperature starts to cool down. As you can see in your photo they are almost invisible in fallen leaves.


It’s too big for the blue net so I had to add another, but the blue one doesn’t let the cherries poke thru