Wildlife in our gardens


It’s too big for the blue net so I had to add another, but the blue one doesn’t let the cherries poke thru


Yes unfortunately I will probably take a shovel to him if I see the snake again just too close lucky my three year old wasn’t with us on that walk he usually likes to walk in front of us. There camo is excellent and part of the problem I believe they are the only snake that freezes instead of slinking away when threatened which is way they are stepped on so often. Here is a pic of when my wife first saw it surprised she spotted it.



OMG, that’s hard to see! I hope you don’t have lots of them. You might want to think of what the first aid procedures are so when your in a panic you know what the game plan is. I would kill every one of those.


Well, id be dead. Wife has awesome snake vision


This snake is right on my tarp in my tomato garden. I have seen him around the property or maybe a few of them. We have lots of brown frogs! that look like leopard frogs that hop all over the grass for them to eat. I even saw a turtle at the side of my pool. I have lots of swamp 1/4 mile down the hill.


Honey bee approaching what remains of a Cleveland Sage flower head


Those must have been some big birds!



You were lucky there, a bit too close for comfort.

It’s odd that I have never seen a live poisonous snake since we moved here to Boondock Central four years ago. Lots of king, black racers, and rat snakes, yes, but I let them be.

Compare that to me killing two small copperheads in my backyard in the Dallas suburbs. One was coiled up under a zucchini bush, and another was in some deep grass by the back door. Quite alarming to say the least!


Ugh! I have copperheads in the woods that start right past my orchard. We see their shed skins in the woods but pretty much never see them, thank goodness. There’s a creek down there they like. I would hate to see them up where my dogs and I hang out.

We do that stick-walk thing my dad taught us when we’re in the woods. You literally use a long stick --like for the blind-- to tap the ground in front of you as you walk. It also makes unseen mammals scurry away fast :smiley:


@zazlev and @BobC, as cute as those fawn pics may be, please excuse me but I can’t give my nemeses a like!


OK, so this is more about the wildlife that is GOING TO BE in my orchard. These are my first turkeys in many years. They will be on patrol for bugs in just a few weeks! The first photo shows the turkeys within moments of one of them being born- still wet, slimy and sort of gross looking. Then a few hours the photo shows them all dry, fluffy and cute.

btw, @zazlev That is hands down the greatest photo ever to appear here, and @BobC is a close second only because his wasn’t as small. I would loose my mind if I found one of those. It would take everything I have to resist the urge to scoop it up, bottle feed it and raise it to be a pet like some I’ve seen done. Of course that would be both illegal and wrong and I’m sure I could resist the urge, but it would be hard. Zack’s just looks incredibly small. That little guy must have JUST dried off? Its hard to tell from the photo, but how small was it really? It looks like it is as small as a small adult rabbit, is that true? I’ve never seen one close to that small. Also, I’m surprised Bob’s let him get so close. I have seen them about that size but by then they are already running and jumping a mile high and won’t let you in a mile of them. Again, those are my favorite photos on this thread by a mile so far! thanks for posting.




These snakes are no poinsion garden snakes right John ?


Ahhhh Kevin so true and nature is simply amazing. I somehow accepted the fact that he was going to grow up and damage my fruit trees when I saw him all cuddled up and cutely sleeping. I’m sure he was born within 24 hours of that pic. He didn’t look like a small adult rabbit, a bit bigger. Like maybe a small chihuahua or shitzu dog.


We have quail hatching out now. Ducks are already almost grown. I miss my turkeys but we can’t have them because we got complaints they were getting on top of cars and chasing people around.


Turkeys are jerks :grinning:


Do you sell frozen quail?


They are harmless. They eat frogs and toads and crickets and such.


Yes, when we cull most of the males from the herd. There really isn’t much more than a bite or 2 on a bird.

We just got rid of our rabbits today, we didn’t want to skin them any more. Quail are very easy to skin.