Wildlife in our gardens


I have tons more. turkey, Buzzards, pig Etc…I will gladly post but didn’t want to be a Thread thief…LOL. I will post this though and see what you all think. I took this picture of a Whiperwill one night. Someone who just looked at it today says there is a Snake in the

picture. I took the darn thing and can’t decide if it is actually a snake!


Wow, 3 bears together! Which part of Florida is this? And the others are coyotes? Very impressive!
For people like me living in the suburbs, it’s exciting enough just to see a deer or fox.

By the way, for the past two weeks or so, a fox(s) comes to scream every night outside of my house, several times a night. Do anyone know why they do that? What do they want?


I’m not so sure about the fox screaming. I would suspect something to do with mating. They are usually very sneaky, quiet animals. I’m just up the road toward I-10 from Lamont https://www.mapquest.com/us/florida/lamont-fl-282031088 Very far North Florida, Georgia is only 25 miles away. I love seeing all these animals. I spend a lot of time out at night and i see them in person regularly. I really have learned to love the night. Seems everything is amplified by 10 and your senses seem to just naturally ramp up.


As I suspected…And more http://animals.mom.me/red-fox-scream-5833.html


There’s a guy in IL who claims he has evidence of wolves in the area - or some kind of canid that isn’t the usual coyote. He has lots of webcams set up.


I’m sorry i didn’t answer the entire question. Yes there is a coyote in there but Bobcat also…So it goes by picture top to bottom, Bear, bear ,bobcat, 6 raccoons all together, coyote,BIG bear, bobcat in winter, bobcat in late spring.


It is wildlife in your backyard!


That’s true…LOL. most of my pics. are literally just 100 yards from my 5th. wheel i have up under a Pole Barn, Tractor, equipment everything right there so they aren’t that timid…


The last bobcat looks so skinny compare with the first one.


I hate raccoons (I’ve said that before). Unlike squirrels and birds, they get ALL your fruit and are very hard to control. As far as coyotes are concerned, Game wardens here in Alabama say “kill’em all” but I really wonder if they are helping control deer and rodents in suburbs where the city meets the countryside. My neighbors say they’re a lot of coyotes around here but I’ve never see them. See plenty of raccoons though so I hope they get with the program soon!


It was a VERY hot Spring that year and it had lost all it’s winter fur. That’s all it is. They may even be the same cat. I do think they are…


You may Never see them. But i’ would make Odds if you go out calling one night and you are even just barely outside the city you will get a bunch of answers and it very well may shock you. i don’t know of anywhere they are not in abundance anymore. Much more in some places than others but still everywhere none the less…BTW…I do believe i am right in saying the raccoon in a pretty worthy adversary to a coyote. They can be damn wicked and coyotes can’t climb trees.


In the 1970’s, some suburb communities of San Diego paid to have gray/silver fox dens relocated to forest preserves. By the 1990’s residents of those communities were scrambling to put up owl boxes to assist with mice/rat/squirrel control. Oops.


Ha! A case of be careful what you ask for…I guess sometimes people just see what’s directly in front of them at the time. Maybe a cooling off period is needed…LOL…I guess you can’t always know. It’s a delicate balance. I’m glad we have folks who really study and know how to take all things into consideration now. I don’t know about California but Florida seems to strike a very good balance of conservation to managed hunting. I like it anyway…


A terrible update on my quail nest…It was right on the border of my land and my neighbors land. He was trying to be nice and made an extra pass with his lawn mower over on my side. You can guess the rest…yep… mowed right over the quail nest!!! But wait…all hope is not lost. Amazing as it may sound, the mower was high enough that it didn’t actually hit the eggs and the wheels didn’t roll over them either- so the eggs were still there. However, because it is now in short grass, mom abandon it- it checked several times that day and that night and she didn’t come back.

I was so excited about having some new quail here that I decided this couldn’t be the end of the story. So I took them all (there were 14 by then) and have them in my incubator now. I candeled them and they hadn’t started to form at all, which means that going without mom’s warmth for a day or two probably didn’t hurt them. Once she starts sitting and the embryo forms, they can’t get cold, but before that they can and it looks like that is when I caught them. My incubator probably won’t have as high a hatch % as mom would have, but if I get just one chick to be born and I raise it till it can be safely released, it will be well worth it. Plus, it will be fun watching them hatch.



Please keep us updated about your effort. Can’t wait to see baby quail being hatched.

Keep up the good work, Mama quail!:smile::smile::smile::smile:


In my experience, quail are easy to hatch in an incubator. I expect you will get them all to hatch. Whether they make it out in the wild after you release them is another story.


Yeah keep us posted. Start a Babbeh Quail thread.
I fostered a grackle last yr. fed it with suet, cat food and small bit of mealworms in a slurry then as semi solid

Best of luck hope they do well


id keep them untill they fly. which for quail is about 4 months or 75% feathered out. I’ve raised many types of game birds. quail fly sooner than most. get some vinyl black mesh to put over their enclosure so if they try to fly out , they won’t hurt themselves. TSC has it. might be surprised and get 80+% hatchabilty. wild bird eggs are much hardier than chicken eggs to extreme temps. good luck and keep us posted!


They can fly pretty soon after hatching so make sure you have a top on what ever you put them in.