Wildlife in our gardens


Yesterday I was out picking figs and as I approached my VdB a June bug flew off. Next thing I know a male Oriole buzzes by at full speed about 2 inches from my ear and snatches the June bug mid-air. It then lands on a nearby Aprium and looks at me as if to say “thanks”, then casually flies to its nesting site in a neighbor’s Brazilian Pepper tree. :heart:


Was outside and I heard this crunching sound coming from my meyer lemon tree…This is the same one I was debating on tearing out…guess I’ll keep it a while longer since the giant swallowtails seem to like it…amazing how loud these things are when they’re eating…


Green Lynx Spider–so named for stalking its prey and pouncing on it like a cat. Waiting…in my garden today…



I’m not sure if I like this or not.


I’ve got a lot of these. Doesnt seem they ever do any damage but they do some incredible webs and will make you step back with an encounter. They are quite big!Preformatted text




Ya, I spent a lot of time as a kid in and around Brackendale. I still remember the phrase, “winter nesting ground of the Baldeagle”.


golden silk spider, orb weaver family. They get huge. That’s a female. males are tiny…here’s one I ran into…


We were out in Colorado on vacation this summer up in the mountains. My wife and I were hiking and came across these guys all over the trail. I’d never seen so many butterflies in one place and we don’t have anything like them in Florida.

It’s some sort of fritillary, maybe an aprhrodite. They’re common in the mountains. Wish I had gotten a better pictures it’s really a beautiful insect.


Our new place, deer and rabbit visiting every day.



That rabbit needs to be in the crock pot.



my family has owned 5 of these before they were recognized as a purebred. very independent cats. last one my father had would come sit on you but if you tried to pick him up would draw blood overtime! i called him vicious beast!




She is too big, I don’t even know whether or not she is a wild rabbit.


Doesn’t look wild. :rabbit:


That rabbit is not a wild rabbit. More like someones pet.


Someone probably released it or its ancestors instead of putting it down. Or tried to free range…


I think so too. In next Spring I will move there some of my fruit trees but have to fence very well.


zebra longwing, on firecracker bush in my back yard…zebra’s are the official state of Florida butterfly. This was taken right after Irma, interestingly enough I also saw several swallow tails and some painted ladies, but no pics of them…


A playful evening for hummingbirds tonite, here.

My best photo from my deck. Ruby-throated. 25-30’ from: