Wildlife in our gardens


They are slow :slight_smile:


Okay, I am looking at the world differently after almost stepping on this guy.
Chaps are on the way!

Sorry for the grainy photo, I was not getting any closer.


This was a few weeks back. I startled this guy in the middle of the day—I think he was sleeping. He hopped down and I snapped this shot.


Craaaaaappp!!! That’s too close!!



YIKES!!! I hate the poisonous ones!!


This is the first time I’ve seen a venomous snake in my “orchard” area. There are tons of persimmons falling, which means rodents…


My dog was in a Mexican standoff with this guy. Is this an eastern box turtle?


Bow hunters can help with your deer problem. It’s a matter of public will. Imagine the owners of the big properties like some of the mansions letting some hunters in on a few select days? I can imagine the resistance to something like that would be brutal.


absolutely 100% an Eastern Box Turtle. This is one animal that in my area and my own personal experience has seen the biggest decline in population of any other animal. When I was growing up, I had countless numbers of these as pets. Every time a turtle was seen in the road, it was either a snapping turtle or an Eastern Box Turtle. Always one or the other. My dad would always stop and let me help them across, or in many cases even take them home (something we should not have done I know now). Then about the time I turned 15, I saw my first “painted turtle” Then over the years I started seeing more and more. Today, 30 years after my first sighting, if you see a turtle crossing the road here it is either a painted or snapping. I haven’t seen an eastern Box more than once a year. 30 years is the blink of an eye for nature to experience such a big change, but this one I’ve seen myself. And its sad. Fortunately other parts of the country have faired better…hopefully Georgia is one because I love those little guys! THanks for posting.


Yes it would. They wouldn’t let me have a second Concours!


I’ve only seen a handful of these guys and painted in my life but the snappers up till’ very recently , had never saw one. now they’re very common here.


Same here in my Long Island neighborhood. I use to see them every year in my yard but haven’t in the last few years. Probably because of loss of habitat and and too many cats. Too many neighbors replacing trees and shrubs with bare lawn maintained with weed and bug killers. We use to have quail also but haven’t seen them in many years.


We were visiting family today and I watched many monarchs fly over headed south, this one stopped for a sip of nectar before continuing on its way


I finally got a picture today. 11-years here and this is the first Red-breasted Nuthatch.

I’ve been tracking this fella from feeder to feeder for 2-days. I’m stoked to have finally got him photographed.



Nice pic Dax. I was up in your neck of the woods this last weekend. Ever been to Keokuk? Went to Geode Fest and had a ball.


Thanks, Roy.

I was in Keokuk summer last year. Visited a garden on the far East side of town on top of the bluff. Keokuk is the difference from where I live where Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) fancy-leafed cultivars may be grown. I can grow the red-leaf forms and japonicum and shirasawanum but not the fancy palmatums.

The guy’s yard I visited had a ton of fancy palmatums. That southeast corner of Iowa is shaped like Florida.

I have read of Geode Fest while searching for what minerals/valuable gems can be found in each state. I don’t recall much though. I’m interested in hunting for valuable stones/gems and would like take a vacation to do so.



It was fun but I don’t think you’re likely to find anything very valuable.


This Nothern Gannet should have been at sea not sitting on the beach so he must have been very tired or injured.


Dax, a beauty. Thought of you tonight as I bought my black walnuts on line for my annual dinner featuring my black walnut cake, for dessert. It was a nut I will never forget. Picking them in the woods with my father, and using a hammer to get out the nutmeats. After a day of fishing or hunting, or shooting, then going back into the woods for mushrooms and blackwalnuts is something I obviously will never forget.


My friend Fred Blankenship says “don’t let pecan steal the show.”

A recipe for you and all from Fred’s girlfriend:

Kay Wonley’s Hickory Pie

1 Regular Pie Crust

1C Chopped nuts: Hickory or Pecan

1/3C White syrup

1/3C Packed brown sugar

1/3C White sugar

2 Tbs Butter

2 large eggs

pinch of salt

1 tps vanilla

Mix all together. Bake at 300 F for appx. 55 minutes

*This is a pie that improves in flavor the second day. "Fred Blankenship"

Heartnuts add xtra vanilla

black walnuts add 1/4 tsp. vanilla

Don’t let pecan steal the show. Use any nut in a pie. Fred Blankenship