Wildlife in our gardens


It looks like a Red Shouldered hawk


image https://growingfruit-images.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/original/3X/e/5/e5e1985bbbf947227cc0ced3bc0e04815b4b8d32.JPG



Exactly what I concluded. Nice to see someone else concluded the same.


I couldn’t find a land or homestead post so I’ll put this here. I just thought it was cool. I did a panoramic pic of a part of my land from a 12 foot tall tripod stand with a 360 seat…! You can tap the photo and move it right or left.


we had one lone male eastern towhee, in central northern michigan this fall.
never had one at the feeder before.


We had a pair of Rufous Sided Towhee’s nest here a few summers ago. First and last time I’ve seen them. I have photo’s somewhere…


That swallowtail looks like it’s laying an egg!


The Bruiser Brothers, foiled by the orchard fence, heading over to console themselves in the raspberry patch.


Those are some browsers that have reach, I bet they could pick a twig 9 feet high


Just beautiful beasts…


had a couple twin cow moose strip my raspberries a few years ago. was the only thing still green in nov. at least they were my everbearing so i was cutting them anyway. yes moose can strip a full size apple tree in short order!


hummingbird …


I always wondered where they all go when the leave us in our fall…


In our area there are 5 species here for courtship and mating this time of year, two of which are here year-round. The same individuals seem to return each year. I’ve read that over in Arizona’s Ramsey Canyon Preserve they have over a dozen different species that congregate each year.


Redtail on pole


Another wonderful photo, Richard. (or should I say Janet?) That guy (gal?) looks mad! Just the other day i looked out my window and watched a red tail hawk just like that trying to get inside my chicken coop. It was amazing. He walked around the top, then flew down to the ground and then slowly and meticulously walked around all 4 sides of my little coop. He’d stop and peck on a few places or push on parts of it with his body and sometimes try to pull the chicken wire up. Very smart- if there had possibly been a way in he definitely would have found it!!! My quail and chickens were going crazy but fortunately he gave up eventually!


It’s like getting a pass from the chicken coop inspector


A couple of locals showing off today


I have been keeping an eye on a sharpshinned hawk, who was at my birdfeeders,last year. He’s scouting from the tree tops, so far.


Yes, they like to use the feeders as bait stations. If my feeders are suddenly vacated I know there’s a Sharp-Shinned Hawk around.


Very pretty bird!