Wildlife in our gardens


I don’t think deer eat turkeys


The deer are there anyway. I was luring them earlier. I harvested two and picked up one roadkill. I could still kill does till February. Normally Jan 1 but they extended the antlerless to Feb. You have to have any unused tag or buy an antlerless tag till those run out, and they never seem to run out. This means you can shoot bucks with antlers less than 3" and does and fawns. My neighbor took 12 one year. There is no such thing as keeping the deer away from my orchard. Even if I killed them all, they would still find this area and fill it in. Turkeys are unpredictable. They rome large areas and don’t stay for more than a few days. Then they show up weeks later. The deer population has gone down. I used to get over 30 in my yard. Most of my neighbors have moved and the new ones all hunt. I have a 16, 11, 9, and eight point bucks mounted that have been shot right from my backyard. I don’t hunt that much anymore. I do like to pick up the fresh road kills though. My yorkie can eat one deer a year. I have lived here for 46 years.


With the roadkill’s deer, how would you drain out the blood to take away the gammy taste?


if i could keep my freezer full of venison , i would. i love the meat and its so much better for you. moose is even better than deer because they eat a lot of water plants out of the lakes that makes their meat richer tasting. moose permits are a lottery so its very hard to get .


There’s not to many bloody spots. I still save it all. I cut it up into cubes and give it a rinse. Then I cook it with bubbly water. My dog loves the blood anyway.


I don’t care for wild turkey either. I could try deep frying one yet but cooking in an oven bag with cream of mushroom soup didn’t work for me. They are dry and the breast meat is like dark meat which wasn’t bad but the dark meat was like dry liver! Lol


As you can see my trees are protected and my garden is in the air. No problems except sometimes they get past my long fences. With deer there is a dominant doe. She has all her baby does fallow her around. She defends her turf from other deer. Once you kill her the next dominant doe will move in. All the deer in the picture didn’t live here last summer. They are a mixed bag of what’s left over. A dominant doe will claim my yard as they fill in and keep the rest out. The bucks just go where the does are. The young ones get chased away by their mother before breeding season.


Our birdfeeder sees a steady stream of activity. about a month ago that was mostly cardinals and few other random birds, maybe a few sparrows or a chickadee. That has completely shifted…we’re now seeing a preponderance of sparrows and this weekend even a red-bellied woodpecker tried his hand at eating from the feeder. We also used to have blue jays, but not seeing to many of them these days.


She’s making good use of it. Here is a photo I took by taking the lens off the camera and turning it around. Very difficult to focus and hold the lens and the camera at the same time. I want to buy myself a macro someday and buzz around with the bees all spring.


That photo is so cool, good work capturing that one! The spider’s body reminds me of a gingham tablecloth. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of a spider as cute before. The background sure does make the action POP.


seems the birdfeeder is attracting more than birds…I know that possums have pretty poor eye sight. was checking the doors last night before going to bed and saw this guy hanging out under the feeder just picking up scraps…I turned on the light and he kept going about his business…


They are really not very bright either. They won’t run if they are eating and the light just blinds them so they won’t run then either. They think running up a tree is a safe spot…Not safe to a hunter at all… Armadillos are even worse…dumb as rocks. They will run straight at you and even crash on your legs…


For sure. If I fancied myself a pot of possum stew this guy would have been easy pickings…


My dog brings me possums up to the deck all the time. A few nights ago I watched a possum doing the exact same thing as the one at your house thinking ‘if my dog only knew.’

My dog killed a huge groundhog last summer that I have been trying to find for years. Now, with the addition of possums… I’m waiting for her to bring up a skunk. She brought that groundhog right up close to the house and sat upright waiting for me to see what she had brought. Boy did I praise her.



Possums are good to have around they eat ticks and bugs.


And fruit! Don’t forget that one :slight_smile:


They especially like my grapes


I have seen a lot of opossums over the years …
Usually they move slow…, and look kind of dumb…

Last week one crossed my yard… In the middle of the day.
Moving as fast as a cat in a hurry…
Jumped in the air a few times …as a cat would on the run…
It stopped long enough for me to be sure it was in fact a opossum.
Never have seen one move like that before
Gave me a new respect of what they are capable of.
I guess it was just feeling good, kicking up its heels, …spring and all …


And quail eggs, Dove eggs and Turkey eggs and will destroy nests for animals on the ground


They can be fast when they want to. If you happen to spook one they will rear onto their hind legs and hiss at you and run toward you knashing their teeth as well. They also feed on carrion and carry disease…and he wasn’t particularly happy was why he moved so fast. They are quick. They can get up a tree in a flash!