Wildlife in our gardens


LOL, I think I’ll opt to keep my fingers !


I’ve seen 2 while deer hunting and 1 i called into 50ft. away with a predator call. neat looking animal.


Mixed signs of spring -
The Gold Finches are back and getting their summer color:

… but the Evening Grossbeaks still haven’t left:

This was the first year the Gold Finches didn’t over-winter here. They usually dominate the feeders.


First butterfly of season that I’ve spotted. Eastern tiger swallowtail on creeping phlox.

Also seeing some lizards which I believe to be an eastern fence lizard and a ground skink


Nice bed of phlox


That’s a single phlox plant I got at Lowe’s last spring. Didn’t realize how much it would spread in just one year.


[sigh] I wish mine would do that


Saw this guy on my fence yesterday, pretty sure it’s a red shoulder hawk…


Hooded Oriole


Do they eat any of your fruit? We have them here and people leave oranges out for them.


They drink and bath daily in our bird fountains. Their diet is mainly insects and they leave our fruit alone.


Bath time!


Giant swallowtail larvae are back…I’ve seen several of these guys hanging out onmy citrus trees…this one on the meyer lemon…


The queen was unhappy I captured her army!


Ladybugs have shown up to take care of the aphids. This is the first time they have taken to the pluots…


Where did you get the trap? It looks pretty effective.


My daughter is home sick today and the squirrels must know I’m not around…this guy is making a solid effort at getting to that food, but the squirrel buster is doing it’s job…I was hoping a passing hawk might have picked him up but no luck…going to put my trap back out tomorrow…


I think it is a dynatrap (off of amazon). It is EXTREMELY Effective. After 4 or so days of running it every night, I can turn the outside lights on again, and not have a horde of moths and june bugs!


the window overlooking my yard has my .22 mag leaning near it. i slide the top window down and it makes a perfect shooting bench. :wink: i haven’t seen any squirrels since feb. but i have been watching.


I got 2 red squirrels with .22 magnums in the pistol today.