Wildlife in our gardens


I feel like if I put my tube trap out during the day I might have some luck…tried last night but the squirrels never came back out and they usually do close to sunset…


good shots sir! not easy targets with a pistol!


I am wondering if anyone know what kind birds they are?


Looks like pelicans to me


Right on👍


Spider on my new apple leaves.


She/he is a beauty


Haven’t tried to research what kind yet. Never see that one.


Lookslike some kind of crab spider


We were surprised when we saw this on the trail cam, a real bobby dazzler!




I Watched a Swallowtail Butterfly visit most of my citrus trees (around 50) yesterday, laying a single egg almost every time she landed. I followed around behind her, removing most of her eggs. I don’t mind a few Orangedogs, but most of my trees are young and don’t need to be defoliated. I will keep an eye out for moving bird poop. Lol



I’m so proud of my Brittany Spaniel- he has learned to sniff-out, dig up, and dispatch moles with great enthusiasm. While he makes a small mess digging test holes into their tunnels to see which way they are running, I’m very happy to trade those small holes for the countless mole hills I have in my orchard. He has dug out 4 so far this year. Its my favorite “gift” he brings me since they are so destructive to my yard and orchard area. Good Dog!!!



thats funny! i had a female brittney about 10 yrs ago. she had a knack of catching squirrels. she would point them then slowly sneak up on them. man that dog could move fast! she would even some times run halfway up the tree!


My yard would be full of holes. I have bumper crop of moles. I hope it’s not because of JB’s. I haven’t had any for three years since I put grubex down heavily. I wasn’t sure that stuff would work but it has, or the beatles left for some other reasons.


my local skunk family digs up JB grubs for me. i used to trap and relocate them but noticed a lot more root damage on my lawn. now the skunks control them for me.


I knew they had to be good for something! I let them wonder in the pasture. Very rarely do they come up in the yard.


I have an armadillo that does the same!


oh… we’ve met in the yard quite a few times. one evening i was checking my trees when the mother with 3 babies in tow walked right by me. when i saw them coming , i froze. she barely gave me a glance and kept going.


I had to stop at the end of our driveway one day before going out on the road while a mother skunk hearded her 4 kits across the road. The babies weren’t in any hurry and it was funny watching her run from one to the other telling them to get a move on…